PCBs for dual BLDC motor control

In order to make the assembly of future motor projects more straightforward, I decided to make two motor driver PCBs that are meant to be used with the library SimpleFOC and an ESP32.

One uses three cheap BTS7960 dual driver modules from Aliexpress and connects them in a neat and secure way (compared to my hand-soldered prototype). This way there are six Half-H-Bridges available for two three-phase BLDC motors. The BTS7960 can handle up to 43A.

The other PCB incorporates two L6234 chips with are specifically designed for three-phase BLDC motors. It makes use of SMD components. The L6234 can handle up to 4A continuously but it remains to be seen how well the 1mm 1oz PCB traces can handle that (went for the cheapest option). It might be necessary to expose the copper and cover the traces in soldering tin or use other high current PCB tricks.

With these boards, I plan on redoing my Perdope and Levitron projects and potentially more. They were produced at JLCPCB.