Automated Printing Setup for StackMag

When printing a lot of parts the biggest pain point is that you have to clear the print bed between every print. Because I will be printing a lot of the same parts I wanted to automate this process, so the printer can run continuously. Printing multiple parts at once is not a good option, because that causes a lot of stringing when printing PETG, which means more manual work and uglier parts.

First I am using a carborundum glass bed to print on. That way the PETG part self-releases after cooling down. Next, the Extruder head moves forward to push the part from the build plate. It falls on a slide and into a container. To make sure the next print will also print cleanly, the nozzle has to be cleaned with a brass brush. In my setup that is done automatically when the print head moves into its home position.

Automatic Part Removal

Yes, I was waiting there for a minute and when it finally happened I got a bit scared 😂